Monday, January 31, 2005

I get paid

I got paid for the museum poster, got drunk at octane, and got a picture taken of this confluenece of events by pablo. If you want to see the poster, you can go to The site is in its infancy right now, but it's geting there.

Friday, January 28, 2005

No photoshoping involved...

Today, my friends, is “Crazy Backwards Pants Day” today. Rock.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Miles to go before I sleep

I have pieces that will be in the Rockford Art Museum's '2020 Visions' Show. I've also done the poster. Well, I've done 2 posters, but that's another rant. I can't imagine being more jazzed, but I'll have to. See, because imagine it is about all I can do at this point. Actually experiencing the aforementioned jazzed-ness...well...I've somehow decided that that will take time. I can't spare any time. I have been in plow straight ahead mode for so long, I'm kind of dazed. And it's not just all the work I have to do on the art show. I have been fortunate in that Freelance work has come my way. At precisely the wrong time in many respects. I just got another animation job...great.... they want stuff about the same time as the deadline for works for the art Museum though. So...less great. But no way I can turn it down. I mean, wrap your head around this for a second: I have ANOTHER animation job. First off, who told me I could animate? Second off, when did I get my first animation job, and third, when did my so-called dream job suddenly become my real job? And why is it like real work and stuff. Real work is hard.

And so it begins.

Phase 2 of the online presence. I have an official site (, and this is a quick, easy way to attach notes to it. I intend it to serve as a record of what I create and work on. I don't know how much of a personal glimpse this will serve as. I'll try to focus more on details of the situation, specifically technical details. But among my many faults, my inability to separate myself from work looms high on the list, so I imagine more personal stuff than I care for will creep into the commentary.

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