Monday, September 26, 2005

If you blink…

A while back, Pablo and Shawndra invited me to be a part of a commercial they did with Graham Spencer for the Rockford airport. I think the spots turned out top notch, but that’s our PK. He don’t hoarse around…well he does hoarse around immensely, but not when it comes to matters of videuh makin’.
The concept of the commercials is pretty straightforward: folks with stickers of destinations that the newly revitalized airport flies to walk around. You really don’t see anybody’s face, so you probably couldn’t spot me.
Here are two stills with me pointed out.
The first one is of an all too common sight: Me getting ignored by an attractive woman. (Just kidding, I’m a total pimp; we know this. I just though I’d feign self-deprecation so as not to seem so arrogant). In truth there was a group of women, and I was “with them.” The big suitcase is just blocking the others. The scene: I was getting us tickets, and they were having a conversation. So, I talked to the ticket counter guy, and they talked about how one had seen that experiments such as blackbody radiation, the photoelectric effect, and Compton scattering can be explained using the photon picture of light, but not with the wave picture.
Then the other one got all testy and pointed out it is important to realize that experiments such as diffraction and interference all need the wave picture, as a photon (particle) picture fails in these cases. They started calling each other “bee-ahtch” then the third ingénue stepped in and held them apart, while she proffered that both pictures are needed in different circumstances; one says that light exhibits a wave-particle duality: Light has a dual nature; in some cases it behaves as a wave, and in other cases it behaves as a photon.
This wave-particle duality is the basis of the quantum theory of light, and has some profound physical and philosophical implications which are still being debated today, or maybe they were just talking about shopping and totally cute boys who were totally cute!

Next is what they call in the biz, the money shot. Me, equipped with bling, walking by, getting ready to get my pimp ass to Vegas, baby, Vegas. Oh, wait. Los Angeles? I don’t want to go there. Everyone knows the real movies are all getting made in Canada these days.

Quick FYI. That is Kryptonite’s own Chris. He’s taking advantage of the free wifi access to download the finest of Donkey Pron like a 1337 haxor.

Oh, and another thing: VODcast. Ep#1. Next Thursday. Be there.

Oh, and my profile is sporting 999 views. Way to go you cyber stalkers! Keep it up. I like the attention, coming from a broken home and all as I do.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I Saw the Sign…

Them Billboards is up, skeeter!

I went on a hunt and saw at least one. Don’t forget the free drink offer.

Wanna see a short Video of my finding it? Course you do.

Guess I should put a giant woman behind it, to make it truly mine. Any volunteers?

Too Hot for Rockford TV!

Well it seems—bear with me now—that I was too young, and not conservative enough for the business people at the SBA. Man, I take that as a supreme compliment, but it’s still a little disappointing. You want the client to be happy. KMK dug it, and I think it’s pretty good, but it’s not what the client wanted. No foolin’, here are some of the other complaints: house was too nice, and the car was too cool. So I figure that I’m in good company.

You wanna see it for yourself? Well, then go here: My Cheesy Commercial

If you want to see some of the other stuff of mine hit the Gallery at Tim

Oh, and there is finally a version of Quicktime for the PC & Mac out. Go get ‘er…you’ll need it for watching the soon to be released VODcast. All we’re waiting on now is a chicken mask. Don’t ask. Just stay tuned.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I want to see every one of you at Waterfront

I want to see you at the Red Cross tent where I will be working.

I don’t care. Clean out your floorboards. Give the change. There’s bad out there. We need to show the good in here.

Simple. No left. Nor right. Red nor blue. I’m a man pointing at you. Not your religion or your creed. You.

Post Script: no guilt. No spear rattling. No soap box. You have it in you to do. I ask that you do. Potential is great, but maybe we talk about the kinetic this once. If not, you have your reasons, and I get that. But here is the one time math (it sucks, I know, right?) works in our favor. It won’t take much if we all do it.

It won’t cleanse your soul or wash away the sin. It’s not about you this time. The cool thing is you will get that. And that makes you mighty.


Post Post Script: The funny, ha-ha will be back soon. I’m working on this poop joke that will totally kill you guys. Seriously.

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