Thursday, January 12, 2006

What to do today? OH Shit!

Most people consult some news source before going out to face the day. The weather guy or gal tells us what to wear. Or maybe we realize that a responsible worker will leave the house a bit early to avoid the parking nightmare of On the Waterfront.

Or, in my case to read the Rock River Times and realize that you are HOSTING A VODCAST ON TUESDAY HOLY SHIT! What the hell?

My life is crazy, but not so crazy that I would forget that. Is my mind getting that bad? Well, yes. But… this time, it wasn’t a case of my drunken, go-go lifestyle catching up to me with hilarious consequences. For, in fact Chris Wah…mum…a…huh…mah…cho…muh nay, or whatever that dude’s name is from Kryptonite bar will be hosting. SSG and I will be helping out, but I’m not hosting. Maybe a guest host thing if Chris goes on vacation (rehab). Oh and it's on Wednesday.

So this means that just about every article I have know behind the scenes details on has been at least a little inaccurate. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been in the RR times though. I thought they would not get facts wrong because facts are the domain of “news” and they don’t do the news. They do editorial…and apparently let you know that there is an energy fair going on all the fucking time. In fact, if one were to take the energy used in the combined total of all the energy fairs it would be enough to alleviate the earth’s energy problem. This is known in the halls of science as “the big irony bang thing.” And that guy who looks like an ewok talks about sports and nature.

Apart from that, they quoted Wikipedia about what a VODcast is, and were mostly right. Here’s the sticky widget about a word that is only a few months old: it is a bit hard to nail down the definition. But, VODcasts don’t stream. They fast start (mine does…we’re cool like that), but streaming is another thing. It’s all about the RSS enclosure. That’s what makes a VODcast a VODcast, or a video blog, or a vlog, or a video podcast, as opposed to just a chunk of video on the interweb. So, most of their definition they got from Wikipedia was right, but not all of it…howcouldthathappen?

And the last thing to add: though there are “Chicago” variants of Blues music, hot dogs, pizza, and other things, there is no “Chicago Blog” really. There are people from Chicago who do blog, and there is a Chicago Video blogging group I belong to, but not a “Chicago Blog.”

Ok, all said and done. I love the Times. I don’t want to live in a city with just one source of paper-based news. Frank and his folk are great, and they tackled an emergent, bleeding edge topic—not easy to do.

I’ll see you all on Wednesday the 18th for the first live taping of krypto-vision. It’ll be a hoot. And don’t wory, The progrum is coming back bigger and badder sooner than later. Real soon in fact. I can almost smell the ozone from the fan that cools my processor as it chugs away compressing another episode…in a new format. Wow that takes a lot of power I bet. Anybody know of a good energy fair coming up?

Monday, January 02, 2006

From Hell's heart, my car stabs at thee!

Like a phoenix my car rises from the ashes. Well, they found it anyway: only a few buildings up. And it’s relatively in tact. And they didn’t take the pictures, not anything out of the trunk.

Observable damage:

One flat tire
One broken rear window (the little one)
Defrost grill kinda jacked up
And one busted steering column where they hotwired it—thus making it so I can’t start the car.

The one bad thing is this: My cay may be utterly destroyed. I have no idea what condition the engine is in. But I have a feeling that in the short drive 4 buildings down that mischief did not ensue.

Thank you all for you concern in the last blog. It was very cool of you. I felt like George Bailey from “Wonderful Life” where everybody was throwing money at him at the end. Uh, except instead of money, you all threw blog comments. Which still counts.

You know what I think saved it? My heater (and by extension my defrost) does not work. I know clever ways of getting around this / dealing with it. Every car owner has a way of coping with that kind of thing that their 2500 lb pound hunk of deadly metal serves up. My car’s frosting up as their panicked breathing turned the windshield into an opaque mass of ice is probably what made them abandon it. Think of it like a squid throwing out ink, or a sea cucumber barfing up its stomach, turning itself inside out for protection. I guess if gross sea creature analogies don’t cut it for you, think of the die packet that explodes on clothes that are shoplifted. Or any other manner of self-preservation tactics that rend a thing ostensibly undesirable.

Another reason why I can get my car to work, and the thieves couldn’t. To quote Serenity:

Mal: Love. You can learn all the math in the ‘verse, but you take a boat in the air you don’t love, she’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she’s hurting ‘fore she keens.

Ok, but that having been said, I really hate my fucking car.

Trivia anyone? Another way my car resembles Serenity. A hunk of the ship falls off right after he gives that speech. Odds are good, something will fall off of my car.

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