Thursday, November 17, 2005

Episode 006 Says, “Hello World! I’m not wearing pants!”

Tim Stotz's VODcast Progrum

So you were tense, right? Pacing a little bit? Listless? Things just didn’t make sense? Something—maybehaps someone—was missing from your life. It’s not, like, actual loved ones…because you’re attractive. Damned attractive and people love the shit out of you. You know it’s not baby jesus, ‘cause that’s just silly. (By that I mean two things potentially: if you are not a believer, it is silly because you don’t believe in that sort of thing; if you DO believe it’s silly because you already have him in your life. Pick the least offensive one to you.)

So what the fook could it be?

It’s Progrum time! That’s right, like clock work, 8 days after the blockbuster that was episode 5, we give you episode 7…no wait; let’s do 6 first! That’s it!

Yes, she’s up, and a lot less like episode 5 than episode 5. You know what I mean (wackkka wackkka chuckkka bowmp bowmp) That’s not to say you should watch it at work necessarily. I mean, hell, have some pride Internet community! Work at work, you ergophobia-stricken freakoids. It’s called a WORK ethic! (Ok, I was totally just kidding, slack away)

In this episode we got another dose of media manipulator Paul Harvey Oswald, and my good buddy (or at least guy who isn’t utterly ashamed he knows me) Pablo Korona offers up a piece on Midway Airport.

And let me say, the things we have on the horizons! Well, we don’t have anything on the horizon. I tried to get co-producer, SSG to go put something on the horizon, but apparently it keeps receding. Sounds like a cop-out to me (WORK ethic!). By the by, if any of you see him, tell him it’s cool. He can come back now. Cause we have to shoot more eps. You guys are downloading us tons. THANK YOU! Tell Friends! Buy forthcoming Shirts! And we will still dance like monkeys! (More than you know! Is that Foreshadowing?)

We have music in the works, more behind the scenes stuff with the giant lady model types, more skits, more surprises, and yes, for you gentle viewers, maybe even some more fuckin’!


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