Saturday, November 19, 2005

Openings and Junk

Hello, muhnkeys.
Last night was the art opening at Kortman Gallery. I know many of the regulars, and have haunted many an opening there, but this was the first one I was invited to show at. That gave me a happy.
The group show, as I mentioned before, is entitled “onewidefivehigh” and deals with proportion as opposed to style or content in any way. If you didn’t make the opening you can catch until jan. 7, 2005
In addition to my pitcher, you had your Jim Julins, your Scott Longs, Johnny Magnificos, your Vals, your MacCaulleys of various flavors, and many others. All the pieces were cool, and diverse as all get out as one could expect when the subject matter is so wide open and not fenced in by a theme. Worthy of note: The Progrum’s own Paul Harvey Oswald had a piece that was a surround sound sort of deal attached to a “halo” type of affair. Get it? 5.1 Surround sound. And this time, in a way much befitting a hip hop act, this piece was by PHO featuring Kevin Cronin. What’s the guy from REO Speedwagon doing with PHO? Or was it Kansas, or Like Rush? Anybody care? It was not about former rock gods, it was about breaking the mold, as PHO often does.
But the hit of the night was Dennis—and not just because he knows how to pour, but he’s a one man Algonquin Round Table. Witty feller.
There was a god crowd of folks who showed up at the opening, and among them, a guy whom I owe much: Jerry Franklin. He’s the guy who approached me about showing my rockford: Small City at the Unitarian Church. Cool Guy.
After that, BO and I walked over to Octane. I was pretty drunk, and Octane is never a cure for this…more of a catalyst.
Then Jenny abducted me (she can physically pick me up; kinda cool huh?) and took me to CJ’s where we saw Midwestern Death. I’ve seen a fair percentage of the few shows they have put on. They’re pretty new. They were good, but they are tighter every show…and now with 83% more pedal steel guitar! Because they are evolving, it’s like going along with them for the journey—like watching Opie grow up on TV.
I couldn’t stick around for The Braves. I had an elsewheres to be. Kind of a private rendezvous. Too bad. They are good too; they seem to be paired with the Death often, and also with one of my favorite bands, The Saps so I imagine I will see them soon enough.
I must offer apology to two guys I met who were fans of The Progrum. In the midst of pitching me ideas (largely about poopy and pee-pee) I accidentally knocked a beer over. Sorry, guys. By then I was muy uncoordinated…we’ve all been there right? I’ll get you a pitcher if you remind me when I see you (and if I’m not fucking broke). I mean pitcher for real this time, not as in “picture” like I did above. Just thought I’d clarify.

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