Tuesday, November 22, 2005

SAP-urday! AKA The Sat. after Thanksgiving (Warning: Contains Progrum Spoilers)

By Saturday the Turkey or Tofurkey tryptophan hangover should have worn off (by the way, that’s an urban legend.) So, you should be ready to rock and/or roll with The Saps that Saturday (the 26th) at Kryptonite. And we’re going to be recording the show for The Progrum. We might even have some other hijinx going on.
3-piston ass hammer will be there as well. I’ve never seen a 3-piston ass hammer, but I expect it must be magnificent.

Quick Note: this awesome individual owns Kryptonite:

sorry this is O/T. I did a search and cannot believe there are only 3 blogger users who list 20 bucks as a favorite movie. Had to come by and say hi.
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