Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Have Facebooks, and The Have Not Facebooks


I just read an interesting article on social class in America as seen through MySpace and Facebook.

Ostensibly, Facebook is for the upper elite. the Jocks, populars, and cheerleaders. Myspace is for the other kids, the freaks, and geeks, and...all the people I'd rather hang out with quite frankly.

Facebook used to be exclusive to Harvard University only, then all college, then everybody. Maybe that will make the red velvet rope-iness diminish. (And the bored, cool kids will have to find something else to do now; oh woe is the idle rich.)

I was reluctant to join Facebook (I was reluctant to join MySpace too), and am not near as active on there as I could be I guess. I'm there because of Keva and Dr. Tiki. heh

Very little mention in the article of Friendster except that ...they are a thing too... (paraphrasing). But if I had to guess, I'd say if Facebook is the popular kids, MySpace is the geeks and hipsters, Friendster would be for the Rod and Todds (from "The Simpsons" of the world) who do everything hipsters do, but with no irony and swear the christian rock is just as cool as the real thing.

So, what of this: Richard Dawkins Social Network?

Speaking of The Haves, and cool kids, and someone I'm glad I'm nothing like and not in her world:
For you 23 conspiracy wanks, Paris Hilton was released after 23 days instead of 45. I saw this on the News. The News. Not E!. MSNBC. OH, and some wrastler died too.

So true about the FB shit...noticed it myself when it got big.

You have a new fan though! The voice sounds like a mix...of kanye and drake though the lyrical content that you bring is off the charts. Can't even listen to those other lames anymore. Keep doing it man, only a matter of time before you blow up..just don't change..too much!
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